Becoming_Obliquebecoming oblique of the world, 2015
Materials: sand, video projection, screen, sound

This installation attempts to create the sensation of misplaced desire; a touch that transgresses appropriate expectations and boundaries—a queer touch. At once strange, enticing and unsettling, this touch hints at disorientation. Sarah Ahmed describes the experience of being queer in the world as a feeling of disorientation, a “becoming oblique of the world”—from which the title of this work derives. To embody desire that has historically been characterized as unnatural, places the queer body at an angle to the norm, not totally askew, but not comfortable either—slightly off kilter. Here, an impossible proximity is made possible through technologies, and yet, these mechanisms further highlight a deep fissure—the space between the queer body and “nature” as it has been mythologized.

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