Each Mouthful a Bridge (2022) brings together collaborations with Pamila Matharu @pamilamatharu SF Ho @_acertainparty Nadine Forde @nox5.yeahx5, Jasper Akitt @haptic.earthling & Dursiye Tayze

In Noor Bhangu’s words: “Each mouthful a bridge is an act of preservation that attunes to the human and non-human elements that are at the heart of food-based relationships. The installation assembles fermentations of materials gathered by the artist in and around her homes in Toronto and Anatolia, as well as the gifts bestowed to her by political and affective kin. In the photographic works, Zorlutuna has documented relationships with other queer, feminist, and racialized bodies, outside the borders of her own Turkish diaspora, attuning to the ways in which the culinary is a conduit for the relational and the political.”

On view alongside the artworks of @mollyjfcaldwell⁠, @rajgoody⁠, and @gabriellepare_ in the exhibition “Eating the Other” curated by Noor Bhangu @norquequeat at Cambridge Art Galleries @cbridgeag.

Thank you to my collaborators and to the Canada Council for the Arts for their support @canada.council