a space without coordinates, 2011
Collaboration with Reena Katz, Nahed Mansour and Bojana Videkanic
Materials: Fencing, rope, pine, cedar, gold wire, video, audio

Restless Precinct:

Loop_stillLoop, 2012
Performance for video
Collaboration with Andrea Creamer
Link to video

The space created in Loop (What happened on the way to here) reflects the imperfections of social relations in the built environment. The loop in the video designates a contained space, suggesting a division between inside and outside, what is contained and uncontained. While this space suggests specificity, it is not fixed to a particular location, and stands in for any number of “other” possible places. Its existence is temporary. The two bodies moving within the frame, enter and exit the loop at varying speeds and tempos, creating rhythms that reference interpersonal relations within urban communities; including moments of harmony, dissonance, and that which lies between. At times, they attempt to occupy the same space, “succeeding” and “failing” in turn, while at others they avoid contact with each other, and the designated space. Through these movements, the figures illustrate a combination of uncertainty, unequal power relations, and playful engagement experienced in relations with others. Habitual rhythms of daily routines are exposed and disrupted through the varying gestures played out in the video.

Femme Futures, 2014
Collaborations with Aja Rose Bond
VideoFag, Toronto

Serious BusinessSerious Business, 2011
Collaboration with Liz Knox
Materials: Sewing pins
Access Gallery, Vancouver

Untitled, 2012
Collaboration with Sydney Koke