Your Touch Unsettles How I Seeyour touch unsettles how I see, 2013
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Forbidden My Lips
Forbidden My Lips, 
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I take you in my mouth.
Devour you whole.
Roll my tongue around you.
Taste your salty sweetness, the
expansiveness of oceans, a
millennia’s distilled tears.

With each inhalation, I take you in deeper.
Exhaling—I breathe your transformation.
Expanding, inflamed, you
stretch beyond your own boundaries,
shattering what is known. Solid. The
mere touch of my flesh, a whisper—a flame to parchment,
eviscerates codified myth.

Your lips call me to rapture, to
Worship. Promising ecstasy, a
dissolution of self.
Enfolded in melodic undulations, you
beckon me near.

My longing for union, a
melting into the other, a
sweetness in scalding liquid.
Your lips a gateway.


Interventions in Geometry, 2012 –